Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Te Amo Peru!

Hola amigos! Here now in Peru and I´m having a great time here learning my language which is Spanish. I met a lot of good people here on CCM especially the native speaker. Talking to them makes me practice the language I am now learning. 

We had a long flight plus our connecting flights. We even celebrate the 4 of July. hihihi! Its hard to be on long plane ride especially if its your first time. We made friends during connecting flights and that makes me feel a missionary even on flights.

I still love the flight even though its long, great experience for me. We landed safety on Peru and love it so much.

It looks like Philippines. The CCM and the Temple were on the urbanize area I guess. Its like BGC and its very clean. But I saw during the ride that on other parts of the city is not that good. Lima is on sand dunes but not dusty because its cold. 

I struggle on my word right now because I still don´t know what study learning should I use. Still I am trying to figure out what it is. Muy frio aquir en Peru y yo soy infermo. Its always cold here, night and day. I realize now the need of using suits and sweaters which I do everyday to prevent getting my colds worst. 

We had a chance today to go to the temple and I really love it. The feeling inside the temple was a great experience to have. I felt the love of the Lord to me even better. His spirit that makes me feel comforted on my situation right now.  Yo se que el Espiritu Santo es verdad y nos dar paz en nuestros vive.

I love you all and continue to support me on the tract I am having right now. The Lord will protect and guide you too as you TRUST Him on guiding you. Pray for me amigos! Hasta luego! Chao!

Love lots,
Elder Francia

Monday, 24 April 2017

His Yoke is Easy and His Burden is Light

Hi Guys! It's been a struggling week for us, both in good and bad things. But still we need to be positive always. The heat really makes my mood bad every time. Good thing this week is that almost everyday there's a member that would work with us. It makes our work more easy to teach female investigators.

Tuesday. A member worked with us and happy to be with him on finding and teaching investigators. We had a new investigator and they're so good to us. They attended Sunday Services for 4 times from another ward but to find out that they live in our area made us very happy.

Wednesday.I'm so happy to teach Brother Joseph as we prepare him for his Baptismal Interview. We taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ for him to fully understand the purpose of him being baptized. Also we taught our recent converts. Happy to say that our recent convert even worked with us and that he's happy doing this work and more!

Thursday. Worked again and finding all the time, we taught Brother Joseph again and taught him about the Commandments of the Lord such us The Law of Chastity, Word of Wisdom and Sabbath.

Friday. Weekly planning with our solid work was quite fun and tiresome.

Saturday. It's Brother Joseph's baptismal Interview and happy that he passed it. They even gave us a treat. We re-taught recent converts today and able to help them to deepen their knowledge about the gospel. Happy for their inspired and interesting questions.

Sunday. It's our Ward Conference and it so happened that the electricity went out. Still continued the meetings. We had a successful Missionary Coordination Meeting with our ward missionaries and ward mission leader. We were able to have splits today and able to teach more less -active and investigators. We even face heavy rain at the last hour of our work. A dinner at a members house and went home wet but fulfilling!

Work of the Lord is not really easy but if we let the Lord guide us and direct us, He will lead us to success. I may feel unmotivated or inadequate but the hard working members inspires me to work and move along. Working with members is really awesome and fulfilling! Love you all! Continue to be willing and consecrated as we obey his commandments.

Love lots,
Elder Francia

Monday, 17 April 2017

Hello Week!

Happy Week! I had a Holy Week here n Angeles City. As you don't know, they had a tradition here wherein they flog and drag crosses through public streets. they suffer themselves to pain in honor and reverence of Christ crucifixion. To impost self-agony while walking on the street of summer heat.

Well we see those things almost everyday this week. I'm just sad for them on what they were doing. But still, we continue to work even we experience flecks of their blood.

Wednesday. Its transfer announcement. I'm so nervous because most of the Zone were transferred and had a new companion. Lucky for us we're still companions. Well one of our 'kabahay' was transferred that's why were sad. After those, our zone ate at a member's house wherein they were so good. It became a farewell activity for the zone. 

Thursday. Finding was great today this Maundy Thursday. I love to see in a way of pity those people whose whip themselves on the street. Our new investigator today used to bible bash us. Its bad, but good thing we were able conclude it with a prayer. Also today we taught a part-member family were in he is so GOLDEN for he accepted our Baptismal Goal Date this April 29. I know he will be really in that date. So happy for Brother Joseph Guttierez. The problem we had now is that he lives on the farthest area we had, hoping that were able to visit him that often.

Friday.After Weekly Planning, we prepare ourselves for the Zone Interview of President Clark here in our Apartment. We made our place clean and tidy. So happy for the positive outcome of it. I love the way President and Sister Clark assist us and help us to progress in our work by having a meaningful interview that inspired me. We then went work after as our location is to Pandacaqui, our farthest area. A member worked with us and used his tricycle on our work. We make visit to the members out there and also our new investigator Brother Joseph. Glad to work with a member.

Saturday. Today we had a great planning day. Happy for us that our Ward Mission Leader worked with us. But then unexpected things happened, we became panted. Still we made our work positive by working smart and relying in the Spirit. Well the work of the Lord is not easy but I know we can do it still.

Sunday. It's Easter! Many members attended the sacrament. After Sunday services, we planned to work on splits to hasten the work in Pandan Ward. We went to Pandacaqui again and taught Brother Joseph. I love the way the members participate on teaching our investigators.It brings another witness of the truthfulness of the Church. I'm just praying for Brother Joseph's progression as he continues to reading the Book of Mormon can make him have a great testimony and foundation of the Gospel as what President Monson said on last General Conference. 

One of the greatest weeks of mine and will continue to cherish each moment. Even though I'm just temporarily assigned here, I love to work with them. I testify the help of members present work really help some else conversion. Pray for our investigator and I love you all! 

Love lots,
Elder Francia

Monday, 10 April 2017

General Conference!

How's the week been for you guys? Mine is awesomely great, SUPER! Well our work this week is not really that much, but it's okay because of the things I learn from meetings, and conference. Hearing those things makes me more motivated and to act on what I know what is right thru God's will.
We just had our "Power Scrub" today in our apartment. Well we arrange things and stuffs for a better view. I feel more that it's like my home now. Worth the sweat I had on cleaning and making it more pleasing to the Lord's eyes, as cleanliness is next to Godliness.
Wednesday. We just had our Zone Training Meeting, which is good to remind us of our goals for this month of April to Baptized 200. Well,  we have 33 names listed down to be baptized this month here in our zone. It's a good number for us to participate for our Mission goal of 200 baptisms this month. We even had our Zone lunch together at Mang Inasal. It's great to have this kind of bonding in our Zone for us to be unified and an assist for all to press forward.
Thursday. After studies, we went to Tarlac for the Trainer/Trainee Meeting. I had a great time on knowing and helping others to have a better companionship especially for us Greenie. hihihi! I learn to be like the Refiners Fire that trials comes and happiness go after we surpasses it. I love the way President and Sister Clark help us on adjusting. Many things were realized and needed to be changed as part of being the Lord's true disciple.
Friday. Work whole day with Brother Edsel. Even though plans fall short, still continue to face those challenges of rejection. Happy for us that we still have a Dinner Appointment on a member's birthday.
Saturday. Saturday Session was so inspiring. Many truths were understand and edified. Such a great privilege to those revelations from the leaders and prophet of God. I even know more my purpose and happy to serve more with great desire. More thankful also on the progress of the church.
Sunday.Happy to hear in the Conference about the new Temple announcement which is in greater Manila. Also thankful for hearing the prophet's talk about having a strong testimony by building it on a foundation that will never falter, the keystone of our religion, the Book of Mormon. I know those things I heard in the Conference were true and that we should seek the Lord's words. I love you all!
Love lots,
Elder Francia

Monday, 13 March 2017


Hola! Its been 2 weeks here in the field. My adjustments were pretty good. Well about the work, its pretty good and tiring. We used to walk and walk under the blazing sun this week. My companion and I were very tired day after the day because of the heat. The thing is, we weren't able to find new investigators this few day. Well I know it will be easy for us to find but still pushing forward.

Well we had our Zone Training Meeting last Wednesday. I met the other missionaries in our zone and also one of the missionaries waiting for her visa for Peru, Sister Orani. We had a great training, learning and realizing the things we need to do as a consecrated missionary of the Lord in Angeles Mission. As a new missionary, I learned a lot of things I need to do especially on adjusting as a missionary. Well my companion helps me on a lot of things and on handling my stress,. Hahaha!

We had our Zone Interview with President and Sister Clark last Saturday. I'm so happy to meet them especially having some time to talk about my concerns and needs as a new missionary which President Clark really understands. My situation as a missionary who didn't have any MTC experience makes me so blank and curious which I guess based on my personality. I learn from President Clark on how to use the Progress Record especially on using it on missionary Council Meeting (MCM). I also love the "no bake" cookie of Sister Clark offered to us. I love it!

This Sunday was quiet amazing and partly bad i guess. Well our 3 progressing investigator, the Ursal Family whom we visited this week weren't able to attend Sunday Services, and that's a sad thing. But the thing is, members brought some investigators with them today, police men. Its cool but the problem is that they are not from our area. We had MCM and went too good for we were able to talk about the worker who will work with us this week and those who we will visit like members and investigators that live very far from the chapel.

Our work this Sunday was great for we were able to have a new investigator. She's Vea Ismaya from Bacolod who studies here in Angeles. Our lesson with here was great, she is an active listener and able to accept our baptismal date for her. It took us almost an hour but its okay, she's good. Well she's the only one we had yesterday.

We were able to clean our apartment today. Deep cleaning, which is a good feeling after all the hard work we had on cleaning the mess the previous missionary did. hahaha! Well I'm pretty well all this days. Please pray for Sister Vea and Ursal family and also for our future investigators. Work Work WORK! Love you all! Adios.

Love Lots!

Elder Francia

Monday, 6 March 2017


Hi everyone! I'm now on Angeles Mission as my temporary assignment while waiting for my Visa. My companion here is Elder Arnold, where in Pandan Angeles City (Pandan Ward). I'm pretty good in here even though I didn't enter MTC. Its weird because I don't have any idea about how these things work. But my companion told me that I'm good which motivates me to press forward. Well on my first day here in Angeles, we had some orientation for us new missionaries. Its cool and trilling for my part, but i know i can do it then.

So President and Sister Clark, our mission president were so cool. I learn a lot from them, like the Assistants and the Couple Missionaries here. I learn about consecration which the mission wants us to do. I also learn about the 4L's of our Mission President which is to 1) Let go of Pride, 2) Love to Obey, 3) Learn the Gospel, 4) Leave the World Behind. I Love the way the Mission President assist us to be a consecrated missionary. They really guide us to be the Lords true disciples. I love here even though its only my temporary assignment. We even had a chance to work with the Office Elders during the evening that day.

Well here in the field is so sweet. We do Finding all the time because we don't have much investigators. Even though Finding is not really my thing because I'm not good on socializing, it really test my capability. I know I can do it. Still we had some progressing investigators who is really sweet to have. They even attended the church last Sunday.

So Sunday here in the field is do amazing to have. I bore my testimony on the congregation and happy to hear them too. I didn't tell them that I'm only on temporary which I think is cool not to. Hihihi! After the service, we had MCM and went straight to work after. The workers here were so cool, they really work wholeheartedly. Very warm, they're really hard on to missionary work. I love to work with them.

We have some kabahays here in our apartment. Our apartment is even on a compound were members were besides our house. We can even ask for food for them, love it. I had my laundry last Saturday wherein we were able to use washing machine from member whose besides our home. I have a lot of adjustments here in the field especially on sleeping. hahaha! But i think i can manage those things easily. I love the Ward and the Area even though its hard. I love missionary work. I love the work of the Lord. Pray for our investigators and all missionaries all over the world. I love you all!

Email me at Love lots! <3

PS. Sorry I don't have pictures for now because i don't have any camera for now. Just for now I guess.

Elder Francia,

Peru Huancayo Mission I Philippines Angeles Mission

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Called to Serve

Hey Folks! I'm so happy today to receive my mission call on my birthday making it the best birthday gift ever. I never expect this kind of present today on my birthday especially the mission where I am now assigned . I know the Lord expects me much on this call and hoping to serve Him the best as I could. I need now to prepare more especially the language I'm going to use. Work hard, study hard and prepare hard. Adios Amigo! till the next update.