Monday, 4 September 2017

6 Meses for the WIN!

Super fun amazing week. A lot of activity and happenings last week. Loving it so badly hahaha! Im learning now how to ¿ganchilyo? and the two stick also, I forgot what is called

We had a Zone Conference last Jueves it was so amazing to learn new stuffs that really helps a lot on our work. So tricky for me kasi they speak spanish while teaching the principles of teaching like the Savior. It makes me understrand more the need of know as soon as possible the language to help the hungry souls of MANTARANA, TARMA!

We had an activity after Zone Conference, a practice teaching entitled, ´Maestro como el Maestro´. Im not a participant on that activity because only for 6 months up in the field can do the practice teaching, but still had a chance to facilitate and see how to have a better teaching skills from other missionary. 

Well my batchmate in CCM is on our Zone and they slep on our apartment, happy time with them to know his progress.

Also last Saturday was my companions Birthday ánd we celebrate it with the District as we surprise him after out District Meeting. So amazing to celebrate with other missionary. hihih! 

We also had another celebration of his on the Branch President´s house which is another cake. 

We also had another celebration of his on the Branch President´s house which is another cake. 

But last was also a blast. So its Fast Sunday and during the testimony meeting I really felt the spirit while the members bore their testimony and that is the most powerfull promting to me to bear mine own too. And its amazing because it was more fluent than what I think of. The power of the Spirit is real, trully is!

So now this is what I send to our mission President:

Estoy muy feliz por el éxito de esta semana. Aprendo mucho de sus talleres y de la práctica de la enseñanza. Me hizo comprender la importancia de conocer las necesidades de los investigadores y no sólo enseñarles la doctrina. Es muy importante usar Predicar mi Evangelio para ayudarnos a acercarlos a Dios, desarrollar fe en él y actuar sobre él. Sé que conduciría a la conversión ya un cambio poderoso del corazón.

Tener también la práctica de enseñar con los Asistentes y ser su escucha me hace tener una idea de enseñar esos principios.

Bueno, mi compañero tuvo su cumpleaños el sábado pasado. Fue una buena experiencia para él y para mí como su compañero.

También experimentamos este domingo un gran tiempo con nuestro investigador mientras invitamos al presidente de la rama a ayudarnos a desarrollar la confianza en el Señor ya conocer más el evangelio restaurado. Fue una enseñanza increíblemente grande, y realmente sentí el espíritu y sé que ellos también lo hacen.

El Espíritu del Señor es realmente real y estoy feliz de compartirlo a través de la predicación del Evangelio a los demás. Bueno, creo que mi español está haciendo bien, poco a poco. Comenzaron a comprenderme más después de que me oyeron dar mi testimonio ayer. Gracias por todo el Presidente. Construir la confianza con la ayuda de los miembros es real, más poderoso y más ayuda para convertirse
Pray for our investigator. Love you all! Till next week! Goodbless!

Love lots,
Elder Francia

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Pics to Share :)

*These were from Elder Francia's email last week. I apologize for the very late uploads :)

Monday, 28 August 2017

Spanish is REAL!

Its a Happy week for all! We had some great experience, some ups and down. There is like a fiesta thing here and the marching band really makes the beat. But still continue to find and work hard. 

We had a lo of potential investigators who were so amazing and hospitable. They were like Filipino too but different dialect. Theirs a lo of `abuelo/a` here and live alone. We had great investigators too. One of our investigator is Sandra, 12 years old and really want to baptize. She even wants to become a missionary someday that part of her prayer one time is that she ask those things, the truhfullness of the gospel and many more. It was themost heart felt and AMAZING prayer I heard from an investigator. 

Great view right? on our apartment. Well I`m starting to love the place even though is cold as always. The people love me too, so `amable` that one time a woman kiss me he cheeks, *freeze for a while and don`t know what to do, Well she`s a fuure investigator that`s why. So now were trying to be more carefull on that kind of situation. 

 A photo with our amazing chief Hermana Sara, our pentionista. Im loving all those hings even though I`m quite homesick. huhuhu! But don`t worry, I`m geting better and beter each day as I focus on he work of he Lord. Need more sweaters for cold season and I`m loving it.

I testify the power and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Missionary work is real and powerfull as it helps others to be converted and recieved the eternal happiness, the eternal life. The gift of tongues and interpretation dwells more in my heart as I learn to love him especially his children on their eternal soul. Next week again. Chao!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Here now in Huancayo and serving with the fullness of mine intents. The scenery here is so good, mountains, hills and the freezing cold weather. Were 8 in our batch and so happy to ride on a suite doubledecker bus on my awesome haircut. So classy. hihih!

Its great to meet the mission president and our trainors. So my companion is Elder Woltjen and is super good to me. He expects a lot from me because he said I am better than him when he was a greenie and that he wants me to train after this cycle of possiple because I´ve been out for couple of months and that he said I can do it very well. Well our area is on Tarma District, Mantarana Branch. Well during the ride we had on a van becuase ther is no bus thattime is that when I´m about to sleep. A car hit us, on part of my side where I´am sitting. Broken glasses everywhere but I´m good also my companion, some minor scratch on the other passengers. 

Far behind the picture is the real accident were two cars really hit bad. So President and his wife pick us up and went to the hospital to check us but I all good, thats good news. We spend another day on Huancayo before really going to our area.

My stuffs were goos ao don´t worry. My companion just had a minor ¿concusion? I don´t know if its correct. hihihi! Well the the next ride we had to our area is on bus now and the view of our area a far was so cool.

Our area is so cold and I don´t know if I can live here for long. The members were good, our pensionista is good too and cooks good food. The were  really amaze because I´m from far away land. Food became my terrible problem because it is so weird. Well just last Saturday  I had a really bad diarrhea that I go to the restroom for almost 20 plus times within 24 hours. Good thing I was able to attend the sacrament. I had also a chance to baptize this saturday in spanish. I testify the Holy Ghost is real and it really helps me to testify in spanish to to find new investigatos. Thats all for now. Chao. NO much to write. Next week again!

Love lots,
Elder Francia

Thursday, 10 August 2017

ASOMBROSO! Last week in CCM!

I´m so excited to go out here in CCM and share the gospel to the Peruvian. This will be my last week and now I need to study more on my language. The proselyting activity we had was amazing and so happy to know in a blink of an eye the beauty of Peru. So happy to experience it and more happy because after a week it would be awesome months left on my mission. 

I know affliction would come but through the Lords help and thrusting to my sickle with my might it would be an awesome days (Alma 26:5). Nothing much for this week because I´m so excited on looking forward the days I would have next week. I know it would be a great. Till next email.

I know the Book of Mormon is true and blue. Love you all and Miss you!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


Hey! Life is good here in CCM. I´m having a great time improving myself on the language, understanding, obedince and my spiritual growth. Happy because of what I´m achieving now here. 

I learn alot this week about SETTING GOALS  and also developing CHRIST LIKE ATTRIBUTE! I happy knowing the importance of it and how can I improve those things maybe not here but in the FIELD. 

We had a session today and itsAMAZING becasue its on SPANISH which is adorable for me. I love it because I was able to measure myselfs understanding the language which I did great on it.

I´m on my FIVE months na pala, time so FAST! New Filipino with us pala ngayon. Happy to serve the Lord and so you do! Keep it all and I love you all!​

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

AVANZADOS! 3 Semanas to go!

HOLA! Super happy and so awesome week. Missionaries were now moving to their respective areas.  I´m missing them now for they were really good people. 

We even went to the immigration this Monday to have out residence ID. I´m so happy to be out of CCM even once in a while. The city of Lima is so GOOD. So clean and cold. The traffic is like Manila too. My glasses were broken after having out fon gaming. hihihi!. 

I really like the Spiritual Experience I have here because it really strengthens me. I know the Lord really helps us in times our trials and despair. The Lord sends his help as we respond to his will. The Holy Ghost really help me on my langauge at he brigns in my remembrance the things that I had treasure. I love these things happening to me right now and hoping for a better on the field as I testify them the truthfullness og the Gospel of Jesus Christ and The Book of Mormon. We use to sing on choirs during devotional talk and I´m loving it becasue its on spanish. Even though I don´t know the lyrics, I´m loving it. I love you and Miss you all!