Monday, 13 March 2017


Hola! Its been 2 weeks here in the field. My adjustments were pretty good. Well about the work, its pretty good and tiring. We used to walk and walk under the blazing sun this week. My companion and I were very tired day after the day because of the heat. The thing is, we weren't able to find new investigators this few day. Well I know it will be easy for us to find but still pushing forward.

Well we had our Zone Training Meeting last Wednesday. I met the other missionaries in our zone and also one of the missionaries waiting for her visa for Peru, Sister Orani. We had a great training, learning and realizing the things we need to do as a consecrated missionary of the Lord in Angeles Mission. As a new missionary, I learned a lot of things I need to do especially on adjusting as a missionary. Well my companion helps me on a lot of things and on handling my stress,. Hahaha!

We had our Zone Interview with President and Sister Clark last Saturday. I'm so happy to meet them especially having some time to talk about my concerns and needs as a new missionary which President Clark really understands. My situation as a missionary who didn't have any MTC experience makes me so blank and curious which I guess based on my personality. I learn from President Clark on how to use the Progress Record especially on using it on missionary Council Meeting (MCM). I also love the "no bake" cookie of Sister Clark offered to us. I love it!

This Sunday was quiet amazing and partly bad i guess. Well our 3 progressing investigator, the Ursal Family whom we visited this week weren't able to attend Sunday Services, and that's a sad thing. But the thing is, members brought some investigators with them today, police men. Its cool but the problem is that they are not from our area. We had MCM and went too good for we were able to talk about the worker who will work with us this week and those who we will visit like members and investigators that live very far from the chapel.

Our work this Sunday was great for we were able to have a new investigator. She's Vea Ismaya from Bacolod who studies here in Angeles. Our lesson with here was great, she is an active listener and able to accept our baptismal date for her. It took us almost an hour but its okay, she's good. Well she's the only one we had yesterday.

We were able to clean our apartment today. Deep cleaning, which is a good feeling after all the hard work we had on cleaning the mess the previous missionary did. hahaha! Well I'm pretty well all this days. Please pray for Sister Vea and Ursal family and also for our future investigators. Work Work WORK! Love you all! Adios.

Love Lots!

Elder Francia

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