Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Te Amo Peru!

Hola amigos! Here now in Peru and I´m having a great time here learning my language which is Spanish. I met a lot of good people here on CCM especially the native speaker. Talking to them makes me practice the language I am now learning. 

We had a long flight plus our connecting flights. We even celebrate the 4 of July. hihihi! Its hard to be on long plane ride especially if its your first time. We made friends during connecting flights and that makes me feel a missionary even on flights.

I still love the flight even though its long, great experience for me. We landed safety on Peru and love it so much.

It looks like Philippines. The CCM and the Temple were on the urbanize area I guess. Its like BGC and its very clean. But I saw during the ride that on other parts of the city is not that good. Lima is on sand dunes but not dusty because its cold. 

I struggle on my word right now because I still don´t know what study learning should I use. Still I am trying to figure out what it is. Muy frio aquir en Peru y yo soy infermo. Its always cold here, night and day. I realize now the need of using suits and sweaters which I do everyday to prevent getting my colds worst. 

We had a chance today to go to the temple and I really love it. The feeling inside the temple was a great experience to have. I felt the love of the Lord to me even better. His spirit that makes me feel comforted on my situation right now.  Yo se que el Espiritu Santo es verdad y nos dar paz en nuestros vive.

I love you all and continue to support me on the tract I am having right now. The Lord will protect and guide you too as you TRUST Him on guiding you. Pray for me amigos! Hasta luego! Chao!

Love lots,
Elder Francia

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